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I’m not invested in the market right now, but let me just say this. In late 2013 every pundit on the Street was calling for a correction. It. Never. Happened. I watched many of the “blue chip” tech stocks push into 40%+ gains. And then in other industries, stocks like PUMA went through the roof. GMCR? Please, that shot up like it was scalded and had wings (Thanks Coke!). UnderArmour? Um. Yes. Also ridiculous new highs.

The point I’m trying to make, and I do follow the market closely, is that all of these naysayers (Bears) want to get their name out there as someone that “called” the market. It’s been a longtime since a Bear got some credit, right? I’ll be the first to admit that they’re right, the market does have to correct, however depending on your risk tolerance and length of time to invest, 2015 could be a blip on your radar or completely sink your portfolio. It’s all relative.

I say let the Redditor be ambitious in his projections. He has 40 years to get it right. For those of us that are much older, quit listening to either side. Learn these instruments and the market as best you can (many, many free resources) and make your own decisions. In EVERY single market there is opportunity and securities move 3 ways, up, down and sideways. You can find a positive ROI in 2 of those directions, and opportunities in all 3 if you can plot a trajectory.

I guess I’m just commenting to say, do some research and make your own decisions. This Redditor, Those Bears, Those Bulls – they don’t have YOUR interests in mind when opening their mouths.